Legal documents

Solicitors at Leslie & Co. – deal with the preparation of the following legal documents.

•    AffidavitsLegal documents
•    Statutory Declarations
•    Sponsorship Declarations 
•    Powers of Attorney
•    Agreements
•    Change of  Name Deeds and other legal documents

All the above legal documents are prepared by experienced solicitors.  Our fees are charged on a fixed fee basis and do not depend on the time we work on your document.   We undertake to prepare urgently required documents, but subject to demanding schedules in our office.  

If you require any legal documents prepared, call us on 0208 577 5491  for a quote of our fees!

Certifying documents as true copies: 
If you wish us to certify any copy documents as ‘true copies of the originals’  we need to see the original documents when we do so.