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Contact us for Driving Offences, No Insurance, Penalty Points, Speeding, Drink Driving, Using Mobile, Driving Ban, Careless Driving, Motor Defects, Totting Up, etc.



If you are charged with a criminal offence, we can help you with the following:  
•    Advice on criminal matters
•    Representing you at Magistrates Court and Crown Court
•    Police station attendances
•    Prepare written submissions to Court


At Leslie & Co Solicitors in London we provide a specialist service in Driving Offences. If you are being prosecuted for any UK Traffic Offence, i.e. Drink Driving, Driving Without Insurance, Driving Without a License, Speeding, Driving without due care and attention, Careless driving, Using a mobile, Driving a defective vehicle or any other Road Traffic Offences including Penalty Points where you may face a Driving Ban due to ‘Totting Up’, it is in your best interest to seek specialist advice from an experienced Traffic Lawyer at the very beginning.     

Our Driving Offences Solicitors can assist you from the outset by advising you and representing you at any court hearing that you have been issued summons to attend. 

All Traffic matters have to be funded privately, on a fee paying basis.


Driving OffencesListed below are some of the Driving Offences that our solicitors can assist you with. If you require advice or representation in any traffic related matter give our traffic lawyers a call on 0208 577 5491 to find out whether we can help!

•    No insurance /Driving without insurance
•    Driving without licence 
•    Speeding offence 
•    Drink driving
•    Using a mobile phone 
•    Totting Up (12 points in 3 years) 
•    Careless Driving 
•    Failure to name driver 
•    Failing to provide a  specimen
•    Failing to stop or report
•    Vehicle Defects
•    Dangerous Driving
•    Fixed Penalty Notices
•    New Drivers

We deal with all  Motoring and Road Traffic Offences including those listed above.

Are you worried about  being disqualified or Getting penalty points on your licence?

If so we can advise you and we can also represent you in any Court  hearings.

Services we can provide:

We  provide a specialist solicitors service in Traffic Offences and we are committed to defending drivers  charged with road traffic and motoring offences in London.

•   We know that your driving licence is important to you!

•   We understand that your job depends on it and your family  relies on your ability to drive

•   We can advise you on your pleas and we can represent you at Court  and make every effort to save your driving  licence. In  most cases we  succeed  in doing so!

In all cases we shall provide you with professional and honest advice and at times this may mean you will be advised to plead guilty. In such circumstances we shall do our very best to put forward a strong ‘plea in mitigation’ so that you come out with the minimum penalty.

Our fees: Traffic cases are privately funded. Our fees are fixed and charged on an agreed fee basis irrespective of the number of hours we work on your case.  This takes away the uncertainty involved in private funding.  In all cases we shall  provide  you with details of our fees.  During our first meeting we shall discuss and agree our fees  with you.

In some instances we may be able to  prepare written submissions in your name for you to submit to Court without a lawyer representing you at court. This will keep your costs low.

Initial Advice/Consultation: It may be that you have already received summons. It may be that you have done something wrong whilst driving and you are unsure about what you are expected to do.  If you are worried about any traffic related issues, please make an appointment to see one of our solicitors in an initial fixed-fee advice session.
If you need to speak to us urgently please telephone

•    020 - 8577 -5491
•    020 - 8572- 7252

     to speak to a solicitor.

Sentencing Guide Lines (Please see pages 117 -140 for sentencing on traffic matters)