Funding & ways in which we can help you

All our work is privately funded.

In most of the areas of law that we deal with we charge a fixed fee.  This means we do not charge you by the hours we spend on your case and our fees will not increase even if we spend more hours on your case during that stage than previously anticipated.  If your case is to be dealt with in stages, we will charge a fixed fee for each stage of work.

As a fee paying client, we shall provide you with details of our fees and we shall quote and agree a fee for each stage of your case.   However, you may wish to pay us on the basis of the work done on your file, on an hourly rate.  During our first meeting we shall discuss and agree the fee structure with you.  

In addition to our profit costs (our fees for the work we do for you)  you may have to pay disbursements and Vat. Disbursements are fees payable to other parties to obtain their services. These may include fees for barristers, interpreters, experts, medical reports, travel costs, etc.

If your case involves representing you in a court or a tribunal we will let you know our charges for the  preparation work and also the fee for representation. 

Ways in which we can Help You:

Initial Advice/Consultation:

Perhaps you may be unclear about certain legal issues and you want some clarifications, i.e. you are anxious about a traffic incident, received summons to attend court, need advice on how to extend your visa, how you can regularize your stay or  if in doubt about the  next step you have to take, you are welcome to seek advice from one of our traffic lawyers or our immigration solicitors. 

We have a fixed fee for an initial advice session.  If you wish to see us in consultation, please call us on 0208 577 5491 to book an appointment.

Telephone Advice: 
If you live far, or need urgent advice  but cannot visit our office,  we shall be able to provide you with telephone advice.  Before we do so, you will need to forward the relevant  documents via fax or email and pay our fees on line or at a bank.  Please contact us on 0208 577 5491 to discuss how we can help you.

We may not agree to give you telephone advice in certain situations when that method is not suitable in the particular circumstances of your case.  Prior to making an appointment for telephone advice, we will discuss your case briefly over the phone and, we give you an appointment  only if we can help you;  thereby saving your time and ours. 

Representation at Court and Tribunals:  
You may wish us to represent you in a Court (Magistrates Court, Crown Court,..),in a Tribunal (in an Immigration Appeal) or you need advice/assistance in judicial review proceedings.  We have fixed fees for all representation work.   If your case will go on to further hearings, or is to be dealt with in stages, we will discuss with you  and  agree  a fee for the further hearing or for each stage.  

Written Submissions:
In some instances we may be able to prepare written submissions in your name for you to submit to a Court or to a tribunal without a lawyer representing you at court.  This will keep your costs low whilst giving you a good  opportunity to put forward your case to the court or to the tribunal.   If you are in doubt about how we can assist you please feel free to call us  to speak to one of our solicitors. 

We are happy to offer evening appointments for those finding it hard to take time out from work. As our evening appointment slots are booked well in advance,  please telephone us in order to check the availability of an appointment.   Our offices are readily accessible being located very close to the Hounslow Bus Garage and also to Hounslow East underground station.

Our telephone numbers are  0208 577 5491  &  0208 572 7252