Our Fees In Immigration Matters

We deal with many types of immigration matters, including entry clearance applications to the UK, applications for leave to remain within the UK, applying for extensions of current leave. We also deal with immigration appeals and judicial reviews. Asylum and human rights applications are dealt with on a fee paying basis, only.

To help our clients to budget we offer fixed fee options. Fixed fees are designed to remove the cost related uncertainties that can arise in litigation. In matters where the work we intend to do can be pre-determined, we charge a fixed fee, for the work that we do on his/her file.

In more complex immigration cases or where you have a lengthy immigration history it may not be possible for us to adhere to the fees listed below. However, please contact us to discuss your case and if it is possible for us to ascertain the work that needs to be done in your case, it will be possible for us to agree a fixed fee in your case, too.

We charge a fixed fee for the whole case or if the case will be dealt with in stages we will charge a fixed fee for each stage. We will let you know the work we do for the fee you pay us.

We have a fixed fee range for most cases. If a case is complex, with voluminous documents that we need to peruse, with a lengthy immigration history with numerous applications/appeals/ Judicial Reviews, or the case involves dependants, etc., you may be charged a higher fixed fee. If your case is not a complex one, you are able to provide sufficient evidence at our first meeting and clearly meet the applicable Immigration Rules, the fixed fee is likely to be at the lower end of this range.

Please bear in mind that the fee alone is no indicator of the quality of service and the value to be received!

Please call us on 0208 577 5491 to discuss your case and how we can assist you.

Fees quoted below are excluding VAT. Not all immigration cases attract VAT and if you are liable for VAT, 20% VAT will be added.

  • Initial consultation (includes VAT): £ 75 - £ 150
  • Citizenship: £ 650 - £ 1000
  • EEA nationals (Family permits, Residence Cards For Non –EEA family members, Registration certificates for EEA Extended family members, Permanent Residence Cards): £ 500 - £ 750
  • Spouse Visas (Entry clearance): £ 950 - £ 1500
  • Spouse Visas (in country applications ): £ 950 - £ 1200
  • Applications on Family/Private Life/On long residence (FLR –FP): £ 1200 - £ 1500
  • Indefinite Leave/Settlement: £ 800 - £1200
  • Immigration Appeals: £ 1500 - £1800
  • Asylum applications (incl. attendance at main interview ): £ 900 - £ 1200 (No application fee or IHS charge)
  • Judicial Reviews: Please contact for a fee quote Tailored to your case and circumstances

In all the above cases, except in initial consultations, the quoted fixed fee will include the following:

  • considering documents
  • attending on the client
  • taking their instructions and providing advice
  • preparing and submitting the application
  • advising the client on timelines and the outcome of their application

Other fees you will be responsible for (if relevant):

1) Application fee & IHS charge payable to the Home Office

You will be required to pay the Home Office application fee for these applications. For all applications (except EEA applications, Citizenship and settlement applications), you will also be required to pay the IHS charge (Immigration Health Surcharge). This is currently charged at £200.00 per year.

2) Appeal fee to the First –tier Tribunal (currently at £140.00)

3) Judicial review fee to initiate proceedings (£154.00 payable to the Tribunal service) (JR attracts further tribunal fees at different stages)

4) Barrister’s fees for advising in complex immigration matters

5) Barrister’s fee for representation in appeals and judicial reviews

6) Interpreter fees – unless you come to us with a friend/relative who can interpret for you

7) Medical report fees / other experts’ fees (if relevant )

If you have any query about the work we do, or about any other immigration applications that we have not listed above, please feel free to contact us on 0208 577 5491. We can then look into your case and agree the best ‘fixed fee package’ for you.