UK Immigration Lawyers & Immigration Solicitors London

We are specialist immigration solicitors in London who offer advice and help in UK Immigration Law which is one of our core areas of work. Our immigration lawyers are ‘‘Law Society accredited in Immigration Law’   -  (members of a specialist Immigration solicitors panel).

We have  over 20 years experience in dealing with Immigration Law.  Over the years we have developed our reputation in providing our clients with quality immigration advice, assistance and representation at the Immigration tribunals. Please visit our immigration pages to see how we can assist you.

If you need us to help you please telephone our immigration lawyers in London on 0208 577 5491.

Work we do In Immigration

Judicial Reviews        
•    If you have received a decision with no appeal right, the only remedy may be Judicial Review.

Visa Applications within the UK:

•    Settlement / Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK          
•    British Citizenship  
•    Visa extensions/ switching immigration categories  
•    Visa Applications on Marriage
•    Unmarried Partner visas
•    Same sex partner visas   
•    Civil partnership visas 
•    Requirements for the spouse/partner category
•    ILR Applications on Long Residence of 10 years 
•    Leave to Remain Applications on Private Life ( Rule 276ADE) 
•    Human Rights applications  
•    Over- stayers / Regularisation of stay    
•    Representations to Home Office       
•    Removals / Deportations 
•    Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) 
•    Tier 1 (Investor) 
•    Tier 4 (Students)

Visa ApplicationVisa Applications from abroad:
•    Spouse Visa UK
•    Unmarried Partner /Civil Partner Visa UK
•    Advice on sponsorship
•    Sponsorship declarations for  Entry Visas
•    Fiance(e) Visa UK
•    Proposed Civil Partner Visa UK
•    Elderly Dependant Relative Visa UK

EU/EEA  Citizens and  NON EEA  family members:
•    EEA Nationals – Free Movement and Work  
•    Family Permits/Free movement Associated rights 
•    Permanent Residence for EU citizens and family members
•    Derivative rights of family members
•    Rights of Family Members of EEA nationals 
•    Applications for Residence documentation 
•    Family Members Retaining the rights of residence 
•    Advice/representation in Appeals