Matrimonial and Family

Our Matrimonial and Family solicitors  at  Leslie & Co. can help with:

•    DivorceMatrimonial and Family
•    Dissolution of civil partnership
•    Children Act applications
•    Domestic violence 
•    Non-molestation injunctions

Divorce /Dissolution:

Divorce is the legal process with which you can end your contract of marriage. You can not start an application for divorce unless you have been married for more than one year.   In order to get a divorce one must be able to prove to the court that you have reasons (grounds) why  your marriage has come to an end(Marriage has irretrievably broken down).

Disputes may lead a divorce petition to be contested.  Your financial position will be dealt with through the process called the ‘financial Proceedings’ and the arrangements for your children will be dealt with through proceedings issued under the ‘Children Act’.  If there have been incidents of domestic violence involving  either party to  the marriage or towards the children these proceedings are dealt with through ‘Non-Molestation Injunctions’. It is important that you understand that Divorce will end your marriage, only.

Divorce (uncontested):

If you and your spouse/partner have agreed to end your marriage due to a specified reason, you are able to apply to the Court for an uncontested divorce.  If the divorce is uncontested and you and the other party have decided that each party to the proceedings will be responsible for their own legal costs, your petition will be dealt with only on paper applications.  There will be no need for either party to attend the Court for a hearing. Please note that this process relates only to getting your divorce but it does not include any disputes with regard to your property, finances or the children.