How we can help you (the Petitioner ) in an Uncontested Divorce

•    If you wish to instruct us to deal with your uncontested divorce, we can help you with the preparation of the Divorce Petition and the other relevant documents and we will issue proceedings in one of the Divorce County Courts.

•    Once your spouse/partner has returned the acknowledgement to the County Court, we will be informed and we will then prepare the decree Nisi (interim decree in divorce) application and send it to the Court.  

•    Once the Court pronounces the decree Nisi, there is a 6 weeks period within which any objections can be made against the grant of divorce.  If things proceed smoothly, after the expiry of the requisite 6 week period, it will be time to apply for your decree Absolute, which is the final decree in divorce.  The Court will then pronounce the decree Absolute.  Please note that you cannot remarry until the decree Absolute has been pronounced.  

•    We charge a fixed fee for our ‘Uncontested divorce package (for the Petitioner). Please contact us for details.  

•    However, you are required to pay the following Court fees:
      Court fee to start the divorce (issue fee): £410
     (The above figure includes the Decree Absolute fee)

Please note the fixed fee does not cover the following items, which are charged additionally:  

•    Court Hearings (i.e. if you or your partner makes a claim for costs) will not be included in the fixed fee package and will be charged for separately. However, usually in uncontested proceedings parties absorb their own costs in the proceedings.  

•    Bailiff service or personal service of documents on the other party
If your spouse for any reason does not acknowledge the divorce petition, we will need to     serve the documents through the ‘Court bailiffs and they will charge a fee for this service.  If the bailiffs’ service does not get the desired result we may need to employ a process server to serve     the documents on the other party.    Process servers charge a higher fee than the court bailiff.

•    Application for Deemed Service
If it is confirmed that the other party has received the divorce papers but does not reply to the Court you may apply to the Court for an order that the court is satisfied the divorce papers have been served. 

FINALLY please note that ‘divorce’ does not end your financial liabilities and responsibilities towards your children.  Please obtain advice on these issues.