How we can help you (the Respondent ) in an Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse/partner have decided to issue proceedings to end your marriage/ civil partnership your partner may have taken the first step towards this by issuing a divorce petition at the county court.  When you have received the divorce/dissolution petition you may wish to consult a solicitor.

 If you wish to see us we can help you with the following: 

•    We will go through the papers with you and explain the contents of the divorce petition 

•    If you do not wish to contest the proceedings and if you instruct us to deal with it on your behalf, we can help you to complete the ‘acknowledgment of service’ and send it to the court. 

•    As the next step, the Court will send us the ‘decree Nisi’ which is the first decree in divorce.  We will advise you of the pronouncement of these decrees and forward the document to you at your request.

•    After 6 weeks from the issue of the decree nisi,   the other party will usually apply for the decree Absolute which is the final decree in divorce. Once we are in receipt of this from the Court we will advise you of the pronouncement of the decree Absolute and we will hand over all the documents to you.

 •    We charge a fixed fee for our ‘Uncontested divorce package (for the Respondent).

Please contact us for details.   The fixed fee does not cover the following and will be charged additionally: 

•    Court Hearings (i.e. if you or your partner makes a claim for costs) will not be included in the fixed fee package and will be charged for separately.  However, usually in uncontested proceedings parties absorb their own costs in the proceedings.  

FINALLY please note that ‘divorce’ does not end your financial liabilities and your responsibilities towards children.  Please obtain advice on these issues.