Failing to provide a specimen for analysis

Refusing to provide a specimen of breath, blood or urine for analysis

If  the police suspect that you have committed an offence related to drink driving they can  request you to provide two samples of breath, blood or urine. If you fail to provide the specimens requested without reasonable excuse you are liable to be charged with ‘Failing to provide a specimen for analysis’.    

This is  punishable with :

•    6 months’ imprisonment
•    up to £5,000 fine
•    a ban from driving for at least 1 year

This is considered a serious offence and the sentence of minimum 12 month disqualification and a fine of £5,000.00, if convicted, clearly reflects this.   

In some instances,  a person may not be able to provide the sufficient amount of breath for analysis due to shortness of breath or medical  conditions,  such as Asthma, which may make it difficult for a person to blow into the machine for a sufficient period of time. Although such circumstances  have been considered as a ‘reasonable excuse’ it will need to be substantiated by medical evidence.  . 

Please note that if you wish to put forward any such condition as a defence, you will need expert evidence to substantiate your claim.  

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