Totting Up

Getting 12 points on your licence within a period of  3 years, will result in being disqualified from driving.   If losing your driving licence would have a disastrous effect on your job and your family life it may be possible to advance the ‘exceptional hardship’ argument at the Court.   Exceptional hardship does not take into account, the hardships that you alone may suffer due to loss of licence, but how it will affect  your family members who are innocent parties.

Depending on the severity of the charge, if the Court can be persuaded to accept the exceptional hardship argument, it may be possible to get the shortest possible period of disqualification without any penalty points.  Disqualification under totting –up will have the effect of ‘wiping the slate clean’.  

If you already have points on your licence and are worried about getting  further points and how it will affect you, please contact our traffic lawyers   on 0208 577 5491 so that we can discuss how we could help you.